Strategic marketing workshop

Together with the client, we will find the true meaning of their business

We will provide a strategic business book that will become a pillar for a quantum leap.

We will create irreplaceable value for you and a holistic image of your company and brand.

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Creating and transforming a business model

Business model creation and transformation is the process of designing and modifying a company's activities to achieve its goals and adapt to changes in the market. This involves identifying new customer segments, developing new products/services, and implementing new technologies to drive growth and competitiveness


Marketing strategy and tactical plan

A marketing strategy has a general approach to promoting a product/service, while a tactical plan details specific actions to implement the strategy. Together, they form a comprehensive plan to reach the target audience, increase brand awareness, and increase sales


Research and correction of management psychology and brand

Research and correction of management psychology and brand psychology is a key aspect of business success. This involves understanding how managers think, make decisions, and motivate employees, as well as how consumers perceive, remember, and form opinions about a brand. Correcting any misalignment between the two can lead to better organizational performance and a stronger brand image


Integration of marketing into a turnkey business

Integrating turnkey marketing into the business means fully integrating marketing efforts into the overall business strategy. This involves aligning marketing goals with company goals, integrating marketing processes into daily operations, and creating a cohesive brand image across all touchpoints. A turnkey approach leads to efficient use of resources and increased ROI


Marketing funnel and customer service automation

Marketing funnel and customer service automation simplifies the customer journey from awareness to purchase and beyond. By leveraging technology to automate repetitive tasks, companies can deliver personalized experiences, respond to customer inquiries more effectively, and collect valuable data to continuously improve their marketing and customer service strategies


Strategic sessions for companies and business consulting

Company Strategy Sessions and Business Consulting offer customized solutions for companies seeking to improve their performance and achieve their goals. With expert guidance and analysis, these sessions create a roadmap to success and help companies stay ahead of the competition. Maximize your business potential with a strategy session today


Educational products for entrepreneurship development

Entrepreneurship education products are designed to equip people with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to start and grow a successful business. Invest in your entrepreneurial development with our educational products

Value for the customer

We find new meanings or bring old ones back to your business

Transforming and inspiring our customers to new achievements

We create a StrategyBook for the
client's business

Scaling the system while minimizing

We integrate not only marketing but also brand philosophy

Reorienting the product to the client's target audience

We implement clients' ideas with Ukrainian character

Internal kitchen

You can just imagine the work in progress in the inTEG "internal kitchen": We complete the flavor of our customers' products with simple ingredients like a drop of lemon and the aroma of coffee! We lighten rich and heavy foods with sourness. We balance a dish of sweet promise with bitterness. We spice up boring foods with a touch of lemon and enrich them with the aroma of coffee. When you're tired of everything, we serve unsurpassed coffee with lemon. We don't create a tricycle with triangular wheels and make life more complicated. We take away the excess and leave the pleasure.

Who are our clients?

They are passionate about their work and are not ready to step down even when they can. They launch large-scale projects as confidently as the military launches drones. Modern entrepreneurs have more important needs than clever words in a commercial speech. They combine such interests as creating a brand in the Apple concept and building a user-friendly website on a website builder. They learn from the best, but often keep their certificates in the closet. They forget to talk about their uniqueness, but create incredible value. Integrity and innovation in incompatible things inspired us to name the company in their honor. We define this approach as "marketing integrity", abbreviated as "inTEG". Every decision we make is based on the growing demands for value and sophistication of services. Our clients know what they want, even if they don't always know how to achieve it. But they have us to help them.
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